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Apparel Search : The Apparel Search directory is the first stop if you are looking for information regarding clothing, textiles or fashion.  This is by far the best fashion guide that we know.

Clothing Industry Directory : The Clothing Industry Directory, covers all aspects of the clothing industry. This directory includes men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, trimming, machinery, etc.

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A fashion portal is a place where you can research and discuss issues relevant to clothing and style.  We make suggestions regarding available directories, discussion forums, social media tools, networking sites, and many other resources.  If you are looking for fashion news, jobs, blogs, or anything else regarding our industry, we will help guide you on your quest for knowledge.

Recently we have found a few new resource that we think you may enjoy.  The HubPages are similar to mini portals.  The site is an open community of passionate writers, explorers, knowledge seekers, and conversation starters that are interested in many subjects.  Many of the informative hubs are relevant to clothing, shoes, accessories, and other topics that are of interest to fashionistas (like us). 

The fashion hubs all users to sharing words, pictures and videos.  The site is a wonderful place for asking questions as well as finding answers.   If creating lifestyle content is one of your interests, you may want to check it out.  You can view examples of interesting hubs from the Fashion Industry HubPages at

Another interesting website to find informative portal information hubs would be the Squidoo website.

Squidoo is a community website platform that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects that which interest them.  The pages developed on this platform can be used for informational purposes or to sell products for profit or charitable donation.  Many of the educational lenses are geared toward fashion.  You can view a few of the fashion lenses from

If you are looking for additional places to learn and communicate about fashion relevant topics, we would strongly suggest that you visit the Google+ website.  This is the social media product from Google.  G+ has many excellent resources in addition to the personal pages and business profiles.   The network provides methods to share photos, videos, and have group hangouts.

Here are a few examples of G+ business profile pages:

Fashion Blog

Apparel Search
Fashion Industry

Here are a few of the fashion communities that can be used on Google+ to discuss issues with like-minded people with similar interests:

Fashion Community 

Fashion Blog Community

You can find some more of the top fashion communities listed on the Apparel Search directory for your convenience.

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