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Looking for information about the clothing industry?  Find clothing companies in the directories below.

The sites listed below had previously each been a unique directory specializing in key areas of the apparel industry.  Each directory was created as a separate database.  During November 2013 it was decided that the directories would be temporarily closed.  The sites now point to the Clothing Industry Directory (

We are maintaining this page for historical reference only.

Children's Fashion Directory : The children's fashion directory is obviously for childrenswear. If you are in the business of selling kids clothing, this is the directory for you.

Clothing Factory Directory : This directory is for clothing factories. If you own a manufacturing facility, you are welcome to list your clothing factory or textile factory in this directory.

Fashion Technology Directory : The fashion technology directory is for searching for companies that provide fashion software or technology related services to the fashion industry.

Textile Industry Directory : The textile industry directory is for listing companies that sell fabrics. If you work for a textile company, you should make certain that your companies information is listed.

Textile Machinery Directory : The textile machinery directory is for companies that manufacturer or distribute textile machinery and equipment for the fashion, textiles or apparel industry.

Women's Fashion Directory : The women's fashion directory is for womenswear companies.

Men's Fashion Directory : The men's fashion directory is for menswear.

Trims and Notions Directory : The trims & notions directory is where you will find fashion trimming such as zippers, buttons, labels, hangtags, hangers, etc.

Fashion Boutique Directory : The fashion boutique directory is for specialty stores selling clothing or fashion accessories. If you own or work for a fashion boutique, you are welcome to list your business in this fashion directory.

Wholesale Apparel Directory : The wholesale apparel directory is for clothing wholesalers. If you sell wholesale women's fashion, wholesale menswear or wholesale childrenswear you are welcome to list your company. This directory also has a section for wholesale fabric, wholesale textile machinery, wholesale trims and notions etc.

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